Frequently asked questions

Where do you carry out initial assessments?

The SLT will seek to carry out the assessment in a place where the child feels relaxed and comfortable. It usually makes the best sense for this to be in school or at nursery as this gives the SLT a chance to see the child in their familiar social setting and opportunites to speak with staff supporting your child on a daily basis

What happens if you assess my child and they are within normal limits?

Following the initial assessment (1-1 assessment and discussion with you and school/nursery staff) the SLT will share her feedback with you. If your child is within the expected range for their age then no specific program will be agreed. Advice may be shared to support the on-going development of your child's speech, language and communication skills

Would any of your previous clients be willing to share their experiences of working with you with me?

Yes of course - please just ask and the SLT can put you in touch with a parent who has recently accessed speech therapy services with Straight Talking

Why is the charge £75 for half an hour's therapy?

The direct time with the child is 30 minutes. This charge also includes the SLT's time to plan the session, prepare resources (e.g. speech cards or vocabulary lists), write feedback for the parents/staff and write her notes.