Initial Assessment 

Initial assessment includes speaking with parents to gather information about their concerns about their child's speech, language and communication needs. Assessment will then involve 1-1 activities with your child, observing them in the pre-school or school setting, liaising with staff and writing up the SLT's findings in a report.  


The cost of assessment depends on the time and complexity of the child's presentation-  For example a 1-1 assessment ranges from 30 mins for a speech sound assessment to 2 hours for a language assessment. A clearer indication of cost will be shared with you following initial contact with Etta. 

1-1 Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions may be recommended by Etta (SLT) following your child's assessment. These may be in clinic or at your child's nursery / school.  Therapy sessions focus on the agreed targets following assessment. The aim in therapy is for the SLT to share activities and strategies / advice for supporting your child at home and continuing the program in between sessions. The length of sessions varies on the child's diagnosis and attention skills. Therapy includes preparations time, 1-1 time with your child,  sharing advice with adults with your child on a daily basis and writing / sharing notes. 

£75 per session

Meetings, telephone calls, report / program writing

The therapy process may include meetings with the professionals or school staff to ensure all strategies are shared with all adults involved in your child's day to day care. 

If additional reports or updated target sheets are required following the initial assessment process the time taken to formulate the updated paperwork is charged. 

£98 per hour